Water treatment

Our company works on producing water for the following applications: “Process Water”, “Cooling Water”, “Part- and Full Desalination (DM) Water” and “Potable water”. Depends on the raw water quality, different technical concepts will be considered:

• Filtration: Sand-Filter, AC-Filter, Multi-Media-Filter,pre-coated Filter, neutralizing- and mineralizing Filter
Ion-Exchanger (without Photo): Cat-Ion Exchanger, An-Ion Exchanger, Float-Bed- Exchanger, Mix Bed-Exchanger,
   compound Float-Bed Exchanger
Reverse-Osmosis: RO-Plants for Brackish- and Sea Water- Desalination as well design and developing the necessary
   Pre-/ After Treatment facilities.


Potable Water Treatment

Tethys ENOTEC delivers complete Water Treatment Plants for providing necessary "Potable Water". Depends on the water analysis, complete "Potable Water Treatment Plants" with all necessary sub-components will be designed, manufactured and delivered. For small mobile systems and specially for temporary application, we manufacture compact, mobile water treatment plants installed in standard ISO-Container, for free open air installation without any civil work actions. The containers are built with a special bottom-structure, for setting down on flat natural ground. It is possible to use all different type of row waters with mechanical pollution and/or salty water (brackish Water) up to 5000 ppm salt content. Depends on application, the complete system can be designed as modular units, which can be installed in a short time. The connections (fixing) between the different containers will be done with special “quick lock“ connectors. The electrical and hydraulic connections, will be realized with flexible cables and rubber hoses, which can be easily disconnected.      


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