Sewage treatment

In the area of sewage treatment plants we design, manufacture and deliver plants with all necessary documentations (German/English).

Phosphate Elimination (Simultaneous-Settling)

This equipment is used in the sewage treatment plants additionally for decreasing the Phosphate value in the effluent, by using flocculant. The technical equipment consists on a storage-tank (PE) with additional outer protection tank and a flocculant dosing-station. The dosing concept is created by mass proportional controlled dosing system, which is guided by the flow-measuring on the inlet point of sewage treatment plant.


Conditioning and neutralization station for chemical non-neutral liquid medias. The pH correction will be realized by dosing acid and/or base till reaching neutral Milieu.


We design and deliver flotations-plant for separation of floating particles and solids.

Biological Treatment Plants

We deliver complete biological treatment plants for different type of sewage. For example for high polluted sewage for fat-refinery. The high organic freight (25 000 ppm) in sewage will be treated by a special biological working sewage treatment plant with a batch-reactor.

Membrane Separation Systems

We offer membrane separation, micro- and ultrafiltration with all necessary pre- and after-treatment and peripheral Equipment.



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