Recovery of powdered food products out of small packets and feeding of the product in to the production process.

The small size of the system allows it to be easily integrated into existing production processes. A fully automated batch return system without mixing is possible this way.


With its three engines, the small packing unit can process 25 kg (55lbs) of coffee pads per hour.


Despite high flow rates is the electrical usage of the machine less than 0.6 kW


The combination of shaking cutting unit, standardized screening process and batch transport with high efficiency through low acquisition and operating costs, makes the system unrivaled.


Due to their small size, the system can be integrated at almost any place in an existing production line. During the packaging of coffee pads, tea bags and similar small amounts of high-volume packaging defects can occur that do not meet the quality requirements of the manufacturer. The system, allows the most economical product recovery. Expensive sorting and disposal can be processes from the past. The intelligent combination of standard components readily available on the market makes the system so innovative: Using a funnel the from the regular production, sorted out coffee-pads are automatically directed to a cutting unit. There, the filter paper is cut off precisely. The separation of paper and coffee powder by using a vibrating screen with automatic ejection of the packaging material into a collection bin. It is nearly impossible for the machine to be blocked because of the vibrating cutting unit. Coffee powder is transported through a pneumatic vacuum conveying system to a suitable location in the processing line and returned back into cycle. In the closed air circuit the air will be cleaned automatically through an automatic cleaning system in accordance with relevant statutory requirements, such as the TA Luft (Clean Air Act). Of course, the entire system meets the requirements for food safety and hygiene.


  • Recovery rate of over 95 percent
  • Processing capacity of up to 25 kg / h (55lbs/h)
  • Adjustable to different bag sizes and types
  • Dimensions 110 x 80 x 100 cm (WxDxH)